Living in different countries Verale has acquired an eclectic style that reflects a variety of sentiments and cultures. Trained classically from a young age, she toured with a choir throughout Europe and collaborated with Simon Rattle and Angelika Kirchschlager (Austrian opera singer). 

Her studies took Verale to Ireland, where she studied voice and songwriting at Ballyfermot College in Dublin. She then continued to develop her songwriting, vocal, and electric bass skills at Berklee College of Music in the U.S. where she was fortunate to study with renowned bassist Victor Wooten. He has been a major influence in shaping her musicianship and persona. As a singer/songwriter/ bassist, she has embraced a vocal style with elements of 90´s pop and soul, based on jazzy and funky bass grooves. 

Right now she is exploring Berlin´s multicultural music scene working as a bassist and performing her own compositions.

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